Configuring Server 2008 x86 for use as a Distribution Point

So, I’m running into an interesting problem:

I have about 20 servers that are running 2008 SP2 x86 that are in remote offices that will be used as DPs in my customer’s 2012 site.  Installation is going well, and everything is working perfectly, except for these recurring errors in SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER:

Severity,Type,Site code,Date / Time,System,Component,Message ID,Description
Error,Detail,PRI,8/1/2013 11:03:23 AM,PRIMARYSITESERVER.DOMAIN.local,SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER,1039,Site Component Manager detected that the site server does not contain the binary files for the platform (processor architecture) of site system “\\REMOTEDP.DOMAIN.LOCAL”. Possible cause: When installing this site, you did not specify that the binary files for this site system’s platform should be installed on the site server. Solution: Use Configuration Manager Setup to modify the configuration of this site. When asked to select the server platforms for this site, select this site system’s platform. Possible cause: You accidently configured the site to use the wrong computer as a site system. Solution: Remove this site system from the list of site systems for this site, and add the correct site system to the list. The list appears in the Site Systems node of the Configuration Manager Console. Possible cause: The site system is turned off, not connected to the network, or not functioning properly. Solution: Verify that the site system is turned on, connected to the network, and functioning properly. Possible cause: Site Component Manager does not have sufficient access rights to remotely administer the site system. Solution: Verify that the Site System Installation accounts are properly configured to allow the site to remotely administer the site system. Possible cause: Network problems are preventing Site Component Manager from properly accessing to the site system. Solution: Investigate and correct any problems on your network.


I’m getting one every hour for each of the 2008 x86 servers.


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